Day 4 - Give a gift that builds relationships

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Giving gifts is a way many people share their love - and what better way to spread cheer than by helping our friends and families feel happier and more connected throughout 2018. We've gathered below a quick list of gift options that bring people together around shared experiences or adventures - but the creative possibilities for giving are truly endless! Join us today in finding great, meaningful gifts for those people in your life you want to celebrate - and in the process, help them make 2018 their Year of Connectedness!

Some examples of possible one-time experiences:

  • Tickets for a group of friends to attend a favorite team's sports game
  • Tickets to themed conventions (i.e. comicon, GamesCon, or MegaCon)
  • A cooking class (don't be scared to go alone!) to pick up some new culinary techniques
  • A trip centered around a common interest (i.e. a group hiking adventure, a playbill cruise, or a singles-specific trip)
  • A night out at a local Paint Night, wine-tasting event, or Top Golf.

Some examples of possible on-going experiences:

Some examples of possible goods that bring people together:

  • Boardgames (go classic for a family fun night, or try a newer option with friends!)
  • Outdoor equipment (a backyard football, special clothing for paintball, or a tent for an upcoming camping trip)
  • Baking tools (sometimes it's more fun to cook if you know you can share the results with others!)

Whatever you choose to gift, we hope some of these might inspire you to give presents that celebrate the gift of relational presence, as well!