Day 3 - Make a 2018 Connection Plan


With only 8 days left in 2017, today is a great day to take 15 minutes to start writing a plan for making 2018 your Year of Connectedness. Remember all those wonderful connection memories you thought about yesterday? Today, let's put them into action. 

A new year always triggers the creation of resolutions - and most of these are things we force ourselves to give up - chocolate, candy, or even late-night television. This year, we challenge you instead to think about the meaningful moments that you want to add. We know life is busy - and trying to add one more thing (even if it's a fun thing!) can feel overwhelming. But meaningful connection with others is just as important to our emotional health as jazzercise is to our physical health. So making a plan for when and where to spend quality time with the people we are care about in 2018 is a great way to get started on the right foot toward true wellness.

We have created a calendar worksheet for you to download to help - science tells us writing things down strongly increases our chances for success - so why not go ahead and pencil in a few lunch dates and/or hiking adventures with old friends?! (We have also tagged a few of our favorite calendars and paper companies on Facebook if you get REALLY inspired to make tangible plans for your wonderfully connected 2018!) Get creative - there are endless ways to get excited for delightful moments in the coming year.

Please share your favorite moments of your 2018 plans with us here -- we are so inspired by all your connections!