Day 5 - Have meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones


Today, in the middle of all the wonderful (and sometimes stressful!) hustle and bustle of this season, we challenge you to keep it simple and connected around your family-centered dinner table! Here are our three 'rules' for a healthy, happy, and engaging meal, whether you are eating with long-lost uncles or your best friends from the apartment downstairs.

1) Try for a no-phone zone: We know this is CRAZY challenging, but have phones around for photos of all your friends and delicious edible creations only - stay connected in the moment! 

2) Take your time: We spend hours cooking meals, and then we all rush through them. Meals are more than just food - so savor every minute of the casseroles AND the conversations.

3) Have meaningful, interesting conversations: Meals are a great time to learn about the people in our lives, so why not ask new questions and learn new things? We have attached below a downloadable list of questions that are super easy to cut out, place on people's plates, and enjoy a stress-free connected meal.

Sending you wonderful wishes for delicious dinners throughout the rest of this season - and please let us know how your meaningful conversations go!