Day 2 - Think about when you feel the most connected


At the end of the year, there always seem to be a thousand things to do - work deadlines to meet, personal projects to cross of the list, gifts to purchase, meals to prepare, and plans to be made. This hustle can get overwhelming, and sometimes can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. We challenge you today to take a 15 minute break for yourself - and to simply focus on the positive moments of the past year that have made you feel the most connected.

Perhaps these connected moments have been big - an extended family vacation years in the planning, or a monumental birthday celebration with 100 friends. Or perhaps these moments have been very small - a quiet dinner at home with a special friend, or a letter received from a grandchild away in college. Whatever those moments are, take a minute to remember them (and if you want, download our printable worksheet below full of guiding questions to help you actually write down your memories!). These moments of connection are the bright stars in our journey - remembering them and celebrating them help remind us of the meaningful connections we already have built in our lives. 

Keep these thoughts in mind -- and come back tomorrow to put them to good use moving forward in 2018! And feel free to let us know how your reach-outs went yesterday!