Day 1 - Call (or better yet, visit!) a friend you haven't spoken with in years


Loneliness impacts all of us. And in some seasons, the feeling can be even more pronounced. We are excited to take the next 12 days to kick-off our journey towards 2018 -  and what we here at The Cost of Loneliness Project™ are calling The Year of Connectedness. Each day, from now until January 1, we will offer an idea that helps connect all of us - easy, quick, fun suggestions to help all of us feel more passion, more purpose, and more connected in our daily lives. Please join us in this journey, and let us know how you are feeling as we move into the wonderful connections of 2018!

For day 1, we offer you this: the chance to simply reach out and say 'hi' to someone from your past. It could be a childhood best friend, a long-lost cousin, someone you served with in the armed forces, or a friend from work you parted with years ago. Text them, call them, or best yet, go visit in person. They might be feeling lonely, and your gesture of returned friendship might just make their year. Feeling especially excited? Call two people! Take just 15 minutes today to reach out and rebuild - nothing helps quiet loneliness like the feeling of connection.

Join us tomorrow for day 2 - and let us know how your reconnection goes today!