Day 11 - Get away from it all in the great outdoors


Happy last day of 2017! For many people, 2017 was a challenging year - full of ups and downs and all the moments in between. We all celebrated some things together, and we all mourned others alone. Hopefully, your year was full of more wonderfully connected moments than non-wonderful ones, but no matter what, hopefully you are looking forward to all the adventures of 2018 yet to come. Today, we challenge you to take a 15 minute mini-adventure of your own, and step outside to get away from it all in the beauty of nature.

In our ever-hustling lives, we challenge you today to simply slow down. To pull on your boots and step outside. To breathe deeply. To enjoy the silence that can only be found in the middle of nature. To soak up the beauty of our natural world - take a hike, go camping and watch the stars, make snow angels with your grandchildren, build a bonfire on the beach and count the waves. There are few moments in life that remind us of the interconnectedness of it all like observing the world spin exactly as it was destined to do. In so many ways, we are reminded that we are all in this crazy life together. Sometimes disconnected, but never alone.

Give yourself 15 minutes to just get away from it all today in the great outdoors. Let your mind wander. Maybe think back to last week when you jotted down all the moments you felt most connected in 2017. Let those wonderful memories fill you. Maybe start thinking about your 2018 resolutions, and how you might want them somehow to include more connected moments with friends and loved ones. Or maybe just be still, and soak up every minute of the calm. It's your 15 minutes to feel connected to the earth, and to yourself. It's your 15 minutes to get ready for the next wonderfully connected year to come.

Wishing you the most wonderful New Years Eve celebrations - and come back tomorrow for our final day of the 12 Days of Connectedness to join us in committing together to truly make 2018 the Year of Connectedness. Happy New Year, everyone!