Day 10 - Volunteer with a cause in your community


"Deep human connection is the purpose, and the result, of a meaningful life - and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity." Melinda Gates

Often times, loneliness can creep up on us. When we least expect it, we find ourselves longing for connections we cannot find. Today, we challenge you to think about building those connections while serving others in your community. It can be as simple as walking lonely dogs at your local animal shelter (pet therapy is a real plus!), or as involved as an ongoing weekly shift at your community hospital. Whatever or wherever you choose, know your positive energy helps everyone (including your self) quiet the loneliness.

There are many options for volunteering in your community - whatever you are passionate about, you can find an agency or organization who works to assist that cause. You can volunteer with friends to work together to build houses with Women Build for Habitat for Humanity, assist in local or national disaster relief with the American Red Cross, cuddle abandoned cats at a local animal shelter, serve meals to those that are hungry at a local food pantry, or get outdoors and volunteer on the trails with the national parks. Wherever you serve, connecting with others while working to make your community stronger is a wonderful way to help ease everyones loneliness.

Love the idea of volunteering more regularly? Why not have one of your 2018 'resolutions' center around finding an ongoing volunteer opportunity! Your community organization will be ecstatic to have your time on a regular basis, and the friendships you may make just might help make your Year of Connectedness even stronger! 

Please let us know where you are volunteering - we are so excited to see all the positive energy you are putting in your communities!