Day 7 - Write a handwritten note to your neighbor


"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." Mark Twain

Our challenge for you today is an easy one - but perhaps one of the most meaningful! Take just 15 minutes, and write a short handwritten note (or go Mark Twain-style and write a long letter!) to a neighbor of yours. In our hurried, technology-and-tweet driven lives, the act of actually writing things down is disappearing. But does anything feel better than receiving a real letter, penned in ink? So why not take a moment today to give a gift of connection to a neighbor that could use a little extra joy at this time of year.

Live on 100 acres of land and have no neighbors nearby at all? No problem - why not write a note to your mail delivery person and leave it in the box?! Just moved to a new town and haven't met any of your neighbors yet? No problem there either - this is a wonderful opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself! Enlist your children or grandchildren to draw pictures to include with your note, or perhaps even extend an invitation to dinner later this month if you are feeling exceptionally connected.

We have included a letter template to get you started, or why not enjoy some of the beautiful stationary that is available at local shops? (we have tagged a few of our favorite online paper shops on Facebook to inspire you if you are looking for lovely options.) But no matter what you write your letter on, know that reaching out to friends and neighbors via 'snail mail' to just say hi and remind them that you care is an ongoing way to truly make 2018 our Year of Connectedness.